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  • Self righteous: justifying being a d–k sometimes
    Self awareness at it’s worse is relf righteousness. When you’re self aware and self-righteous you’re aware of your self righteousness and can’t help it. Then you’re aware that you’re aware of your self righteousness and you realize that it can’t be helped. What do I do? What I do Nothing. To be concerned constantly with […]
  • The boy who cried wolf
    False promises lead to lies. Or are false promises lies? When you make enough false promises you end up being the person who cried wolf. This tarnishes your image permanently and limits your options overtime. At least when it comes to family and friends. Family and friends take things personally while public perception is shallow […]
  • Insignificant to whom pt.1
    A common reason people don’t try to improve themselves and the world is that they believe life is meaningless and humanity, as well as any other living organism, is insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe. I completely agree with both statements, but knowing myself, I understand that my line of reasoning was none […]
  • A fragmented mind
    Today we find ourselves struggling with the same issues we’ve struggle with for at least 8 millennia, but in much better conditions. Curiosity and fear drove us towards a civilized model of living, and our animal ability to adapt to circumstances allowed us to build into something better than before. Having walls for security, clothes […]
  • Small talk
    The itch in the back of my head and the rage that bubbles in my soul are characteristics of my least favorite pastime. It’s a pastime I have the option not to participate in, but by choosing to avoid it, relationships that I need to maintain will decay, and I’ll be out on the streets, […]

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